In our school, school counselors offer services at all levels: kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and high school. During a crucial time of mental and emotional development, students need counselors who guide them through emotional and academic issues and prepare them for college or future careers. They deal with students’ academic, personal, and professional development. Our counselors offer an individual counseling session to students which will give them the chance to find solutions regarding personal issues. Sometimes it might be better for some students to attend group counseling. This helps them share their thoughts with the counselor and connect with others in the group and realize that their peers are experiencing some problems. On occasion our counselors can offer families some strategies regarding parenting and helpful advice on how to establish rapport with their children. As for academic support, our counselors offer services for students who struggle academically. Our counselors create and implement programs which aid our students in the development of their academic skills. These students are offered individualized academic support and their progress is closely monitored. Children, especially at secondary and high school level, have to deal with a ton of issues such as self-esteem, family issues, peer problems, mood disorders, anxiety, and academic concerns, to name a few.


Our mission is to design, create and promote a culture of continuous improvement through various tools of assessment and evaluation.

The Office of Assessment and Evaluation provides students and teachers with evidence-based assessment and evaluation tools, coordinates and manage assessments and assessment data, provides comprehensive reports, data access, and processes, ensures academic accountability and allow learners to expand their knowledge, and supports the creation and evaluation of school’s academic goals.


Beginning with kindergarten and continuing through high school, we offer our students hands-on science experiments in our science laboratory. This provides an impetus for practical learning and developing students’ practical skills helps them improve their theoretical understanding of science classes. The classes in this lab contributes to students’ development greatly: acquiring better research skills, having a stronger background in science concepts, improving on their cognivitive abilities, understanding the nature of science better and adopting better attitudes. At the end of each years, our students work in the science lab is put on display during the Science Festival.


Have lots of fun, learn coding principles, and complete challenges! Time to win!

This workshop is designed to introduce kids to robotics and basic coding principles. As they build a solid background in robotics, they move on to higher levels and start creating, building and programming robots with LEGO and LEGO MINDSTORMS. Our students will learn how to design and program a robot and use motors and sensors to make their robot perform specific tasks in a fun and collaborative learning environment. Students will get hands on experience with LEGO Education resources for secondary or high school schools, and get engaged in computing and STEM subjects. They also join national and international Robotics competitions.


Our computer lab is designed in a way that provides ease of use, security and reliability. Equipped with a management station, student stations, and a smartboard, it serves our student well. They learn coding, basic programming, 3D design and graphic design through hands-on activities.


Train  your brain with fun!

We live in a age where the use of technology is prevalent among people, especially younger teenagers. Computers, tablets, and smart phones have provided teenagers with unlimited access to information, yet this comes at a great cost: decreasing their natural attention spans. To help remedy this situation, we have incorporated into our classrooms attention games to help improve students’ concentration and focus at kindergarten and primary schools. Through these games and activities, students acquire skills which will help them absorb, process and retain information better. In addition these attention exercises will strengthen their ability to focus and concentrate on critical information. While boosting students’ attention levels, these games will also help them gain the skill of paying better attention in class or while studying.



This room is devoted to chess classes. Students can easily concentrate on the next move during a chess match. Students from kindergarten to primary school visit this workshop once a week and improve on their chess skills.


This room is equipped with high quality instruments and props and taught by a quality music educator. Students enjoy action-packed, fun-filled music classes by playing such instruments as xylophones, marimbas, metallophones, digital pianos, violin and drums. They learn the basics of music: reading music, notes and rhythm. Then they can continue their musical journey and become masters at various instruments.


This workshop is a place where our students can exercise their artistic abilities. They can freely use their brush strokes and varied colors to create works of art. This workshop is utilized for arts classes and clubs.


Our indoor sports hall has a ping-pong table, a mini basketball and volleyball court. Our students can work out in this hall individually or as a team while practicing for matches or tournaments.


Our indoor swimming pools serve kindergarten and primary school students well. There are two pools: a shallow one and a deep one. The pools are cleaned and checked for appropriateness on a daily basis. The pool facility is equipped with quality recirculation system, filtration system, and disinfection equipment. In addition, acoustical control is also provided for our pools. With two changing rooms, students can easily change their clothes, have a shower and go to their classes refreshed.


Our dance facility is equipped with basement vinyl floors, wall mirrors, ballet and a sound system. Students will get in shape with most graceful forms of dance.


Equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual devices, our conference hall has a seating capacity of around 150. It hosts various programs such as conferences, seminars, interviews, panels, plays, and student shows.