Our rigorous academic programs are complemented by a wide range of extra-curricular activities to help our students tap their full potential. According to recent studies, there is a strong correlation between improved class performance and students’ involvement in after-school activities.

Participating in extra curricular actitivites is well worth the effort and time. Our students will explore various interests and figure out what they are passionate about, build their self-esteem in a relaxed atmosphere, set their own goals and work hard toward realizing those goals, leanr to successfully work with others and build relationships with various students and socialize with them. Students will also learn to manage their time properly and effectively and how to prioritize tasks. Finally, they will make great contributions to the community and prepare themselves for life outside of school.


Become a tech rock star. & Become a coder, game developer, robotics engineer, or designer.

It is unimaginable to think of a world without technology. Its is everywhere. In every job computer technology is utilized and we do not want our students to be left behind. Through Coding & Programming, they will understand and in time achieve mastery at everything from coding basics, to simple operation of the computer systems. Coding is a lot more than websites and games. It is the very foundation of governments, businesses and homes are run. Thanks to our coding and programming classes, our students will have a solid understanding of programming, too. The analytical skills they will gain through such classes will assist thme in dealing with more complex problems and handling things in a more effective manner, helping them expand on their logical thought processes. Not to mention the fact that they will also have a sense of accomplishment and take pride in what they do. Such skills will transfer well in other areas of life.


Have lots of fun, learn coding principles, and complete challenges! Time to win!

This workshop is designed to introduce kids to robotics and basic coding principles. As they build a solid background in robotics, they move on to higher levels and start creating, building and programming robots with LEGO and LEGO MINDSTORMS. Our students will learn how to design and program a robot and use motors and sensors to make their robot perform specific tasks in a fun and collaborative learning environment. Students will get hands on experience with LEGO Education resources for secondary or high school schools, and get engaged in computing and STEM subjects. They also join national and international Robotics competitions.


3D modeling helps architects and engineers construct designs speedily and accurately, making a better determination of existing situation. They can create exact models of real spaces when designing any project. Since they can manipulate 3D models in any way they need, they can easily see strengths and weaknesses of any project. In addition, they can also spend less time on the design of their projects and naturally more time on the actual completion of them. With all these in mind, we offer 3D Design classes, in which students use TinkerCad, Sketch Up, 123Design. The tools and skills will motivate them to choose a career path for the future and will also be beneficial in other areas of life.


Arduino is a basic single board microcontroller used to make applications, interactive controls, or environments easily adaptive. It uses sensors, actuators, motors, and other products to create applications. Arduino boards are easy to assemble and runs on various operating software such as Windows, Machintosh, Linux. It can be used by beginners and advanced users. Since Arduino software is open source and extensible, users can move to the AVR C programming language.


Engaged Athletically, Engaged Academically

School-based sports programs benefits students greatly. Instilling a desire and passion for participation in sports on a regular basis will put students at a great advantage. They will learn time management skills, develop strong focus and concentration, handle pressure more effectively, learn to take risks, and take responsilibty for individual and team performance. They will also maintain a healthy body and keep their weight under control. When functioning in a sports team, students will improve on their communication skills and learn to collaborate with other team members to reach a common goal. It is also a fact that there is a direct correlation between physical activity and academic performance. While students build self-esteem and a sense of community, they will also have pride in their school. Do not forget that team sports bolsters the five C’s: competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring.


Who is going to be next Van Gogh?

We have combined all the classes outside of core curriculum and named them Applied or Performing Classes. To enrich students’ learning in addition to the subject matters they study, we offer various extracurricular activities split by age and skill. Our Visual Arts Department offer fine arts activities such as painting, drawing, graphic art, printmaking, graphic art, and calligraphy. It also offer such comtemporary arts as collage, mixed-media, photography, and animation. In addition, some classes in decorative arts and crafts such as ceramics, mosaic art, glass arts are offered.


Act well your part; there all the honour lies.

Performing arts are greatly instrumental in helping children to develop their creative skills since there is no wrong answer and every student is encouraged to express differing opinions. Forming new opinions and perspectives will be a great assest to them later in life. They will also learn to give and receive constructive criticism, which will lead to their betterment. In addition performing arts teaches students discipline and perseverance, as they manage their own time and plan their life accordingly, and learn ton ever give up even if they fail. This will help them grow continuously. Equipped with team skills, they will learn to accept responsibility and take consequences of their actions. Gaining an awareness about themselves, they will look at the world from a different perspective. Finally, according to studies, schoolchildren who participate in drama, music and dance are more proficient in reading, writing and math, boosting their academic performance.


In our ballet classes, we follow the Vaganova method based on an eight-year teaching syllabus devised and developed by Russian ballerina Agrippina Vaganova. Regarded as a standard of ballet instruction, this method is influential among ballet dancers and ensure continuity for students as they make progress from one olevel to the other. Beginning with an introduction to dance and music in an enjoyable relaxed environment, students first focus on coordination, musicality and basic ballet steps. At the next level, they concentrate on correct placement and execution of ballet steps. At the advanced level, students are equipped with advancing techniques in combination with artistic movements. Ballet classes helps students improve their body flexibility, build muscle and agility while burning calories. To meet the strenuous physicals demands of ballet, students should be mindful of what they eat, gaining nutritional consciousness. In addition, students will also improve on their cognitive functions, relieve stress and build confidence in themselves.


The magic cure for getting rid of stress!

Becoming a skilled dancer requires a lot of practice, discipline and focus, not to mention the fact that it takes determination and patience to become a dancer. All these skills can be transfrable in other areas of life. Students regularly participating in dance classes generally perform better academically than their nonparticipating peers. It is a great way of working out, leading to a healthy lifestyle. Body exercise, relaxing music and emotional expression all help dancers relieve stress. It can also act as a medical form of theraphy, helping you free your mind, exclude everything else and just focus on dancing,


Checkmate. Now go and win yourself a match or two!

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”Playing chess challenges the brain and improves its functions. It can help raise a person’s IQ. It can also spark your creativity, increase problem-solving skills, teache planning and foresight, and improves reading skills. Above all, during a chess match, students need to think carefully and check their analysis continuously. Instead of panicking, they learn to be determined and patient, which is a great skill in life, leading to success.