Founded in 2014, Beylikdüzü American Culture College is a private school operating under the jurisdiction of the Turkish Ministry of Education. Our school was established with one clear goal in mind: to provide the best possible education to students. We place a special emphasis on the teaching of English. English is regarded not as a school subject but rather as an instrumental tool with which our students engage in academic, social and daily activities.

Through its rigorous academic and co-curricular activities, our school aims to bring up a new generation of students who will be active participants of the world both nationally and internationally. To this end, we, as a school, have come up with a new concept of teaching: SALT m School, where S stands for Science, A Arts, L Language, T Technology and M Math. Equipped with the offerings of such a school, new generation of students will be highly sought after once they complete their schooling. As a result of our efforts, our school has been a renowned educational institution in our vicinity. Our founders started this journey to offer a quality education to their own children. Now this goal has become the main goal of the whole school community: to provide a quality education to all.

We owe our success to our distinguished teachers and parents. Our students will continue occupying the center stage in our approaches to education and we will devise every possible means of educating our students with this in mind. What we aim at achieving is that our students will grow responsible members of their community, strive for excellence in all the endeavors they undertake, assume leadership roles in their communities, become global members of the ever-uniting world in a rich multicultural environment and achieve balance between the demands of academic programs and extracurricular activities.

Our students will grow up to be individuals who have firm belief in the integrity of human beings, tolerance and respect for the views of others, are equipped with a love of his country and are aware of the fact that with freedom comes great responsibilities, and make great contributions to the very society in which they live. Aiming to serve our country as a model of educational excellence with high academic standards and ever-increasing quality of teaching, Beylikdüzü American Culture College intends to nurture the talents of each student and inspire them to be life-long learners in this age of information.

Our students will also follow the footsteps of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our nation, and make every effort possible to make our country greater. As in the words of our great leader Atatürk, “The strength that they will need for this purpose exists in the noble blood flowing in their veins.”

We are well aware of one simple yet indisputable fact: if we do our job properly to the highest standards possible, then we will continue to exist. We will never ever forget the very aim of our existence: to strive for excellence in education.

Beylikdüzü American Culture Collage