As Beylikduzu AK Primary School, we raise children that,

Are able to use all the possibilities of the era and widens them in the frame of ethical values,Look to the future with confidence,Are able to use their mother tongue and more than one foreign language effectively,Protect social and global values in the angle of criticismEmbrace science, art and sport as a part of their lives,Communicate with an consturctive approach and continues towards that path with determination,Seize individual differences as a profusion,Live and cherish their own culture and at the same time, communicate with other cultures.Are aware of themselves by means of ability and talent and believe in development of a lifetime.

Language Education :

In Beylikduzu Ak Primary School, our aim is to raise students that are able to make the foreign language a part of their lives rather than being an ordinary class or an obligation.Also to raise a world citizen that have confidence in understanding and expressing themselves using the foreign language and by this way to have knowledge about different cultures.

As Beylikduzu Ak Primary School, we are well aware of the importance of learning a foreign language in early years and have been applying bilingual education starting from kindergarten.

In Beylikduzu Ak Primary School, our students have been conducting ‘’Meaningful Learning’’ which is to have the specific lessons both in English and Turkish. Students study on our own EnglishLanguage Teaching Books, that have been prepared by ELT Department of AK Primary School Teachers who are experienced in their age groups.In primary school, we have 10 Main Course Classes. 7 of these classes are conducted by an Turkish English Teacher and 3 of them by a Native Teacher whose programs are quite similar to each other. Our Education Coaches who have more than 20 English Classes, are making English Learning Process Meaningfull by performing activities that are compatible to the classroom teachers and subjects that are carried out in Turkish.In our school, We have ‘’English Level Groups’’ on 3rd and 4th Grades. The levels of the students are determined by Toefl Primary Test, that indicates the reading, understanding and listening skill levels. All of our students are obligated to enter the exam. Toefl Primary is applied two times in a year;first one is at the beginning of the education year, and the second one in the end.With this practice, parents and teachers are able to see needs of a student and studies according to the indications.Toefl PRIMARY is applied by ETS (Educational Testing Service) which has proved itself worthy of trust internationally by performing the exams such as TOEFL and TOEFL Junior.