Preschool is one of the most effective periods of a lifetime in a way of learning; since it’s the fastest time of mental, cultural, emotional and physical development. By this means, language learning becomes more or less permanent.

In primary schools, students who have no language learning background have been facing many problems. If a student starts learning a language with kindergarten, the process will be very easy for a student in primary school; since they are already well aware of the presence of another language and have positive attitude towards it. In Beylikduzu  AK Kindergarten, Bilingual Education stars from Kindergarten. Our English Language Teaching and Education programs are well adjusted to the program that is compatible with The Ministry of Education, which is applied by our classrom teachers. We call it as Meaningful Learning since the students not only having activities in English but also they are doing the activities  with the same theme in Turkish..

Besides having an English teacher who is responsible for practicing daily language with our students all day long, we have 10 hours English classes per week for both 5 years olds and Prep Classes.

Our English Teaching Activities5 Years olds :

– Calendar Time   (Everyday)- Music & Action  (1 Hour a week)- Jolly Phonics – English Sound Teaching (1 Hour a week) *- Art Activity (2 Hours a week)- Story Time  + Drama Puppet ( 2 Hours a week )- Classroom and Outdoor Games ( 2 Hours a week)- Mathematics ( 2 Hours a week )

* Only the sounds that are presented by Ministry of Education for 5 years olds are applied.

6 Years olds :- Calendar Time (Everyday)- Music & Action (1 Hour a week)- Jolly Phonics – English Sound Teaching (2 Hours a week)- Art Activity (2 Hours a week)- Story Time  + Drama Puppet ( 2 Hours a week )- Classroom and Outdoor Games ( 1 Hour a week)- Mathematics ( 2 Hours a week )

Our Activties in Detail :Calendar Time :

Everyday a student becomes the leader of the classroom and he / she not only presents months, days, seasons, the date of the day but they also make the repetition of the past and present themes  which enables students to acquire the target foreign language within repetition.Music & Action :In the acquisiton process of the target language, it’s very important for students to hear the vocabulary via native speakers. In the music and action activities, they not only have fun but also hey acquire the language structure without knowing.Art Activity :In this period, our students are in concrete operational stage. In Art Activities, we aim to concretize the themes that our students are learning and to adress as many senses as possible; which makes the learning process permanent.Drama & Puppet + Story Time :

As AK Kingergarten, we care so much about reading in drama puppet and story time activities, students listen to stories and aimed to improve their communication skills together withunderstanding, asking and answering questions related to the weekly theme.While listening the language from the native speakers, it’s also important for our students to be able to practice the language. That’s why in the drama puppet and story time activities, our students are aimed to improve their speaking and pronounciation skills by having chances to practice the language according to the weekly themes, vocabulary and gammatical structure.


In the acquisition process of the foreign language students should have positive attitude towads it. During the games activities, students are able to acquire the language by having fun while using it.

Jolly Phonics – Phonics EducationOur students have Phonics education in Prep and 5 Years old classes. They learn the english version of the letters that they learn with their Turkish classroom teachers. By this way they are able to be aware of the similarities and differences of both languages and also feel that different languages have different alphabets and by this way to get ready for having alphabet classes for the upcoming year in primary school.

Social – Cultural :In AK kindergarten, Our students have activities related to the themes as theatre, movies, museums, occupation recognition visits. We decide our social and cultural activities in our seminar period.

Sports and Art :

* Visual Arts* Game and Physical Activities* Swimming* Chess* Ballet and Dance (Folk Dance)* Music