Founding their lives in a best way from  kindergarten, our students  have their lessons with the teachers who are expert in their field. Each lesson is thought in the classrooms and labaratories prepeared with their own materials. In this way , we help our students  to have their educational  attaintments by experiencing them.

Our students are seperated into groups according to their level and supported by additional courses and surveying classes for SBS preperation and they consolidated the lessons.

English  courses are taught by the native speakers and teachers who are expert in their fields. Our students take their language courses in the classrooms  and foreign language labaratories with visual and auditory materials.  We encourage our students  to take international exams such as ; ESOL, TOEFL,German FIT and START exams. Thus, They find chance to observe and evaluate themselves. With the understanding of learning foreign language by experiencing  and interacting with different  cultures, we organised summer school programs, international trips and exchange students programs.

With the guidance of counselling service , our students are able to get ready not only for the exams but also for real life by questioning  their senses and attitudes.We have Academic Councelling System  to support our students in their educational journey ,to follow and support their academic ,social,personal and psychological developments.With the understanding of educating and raising  our students as a self confident,responsible, prudent citizen  who has environmental consciousness and  who is capable of solving problems with  high-level of communication  and self –expression skills and active in business life;we have – Education of Living Values – in our curriculum.