Imagine a school where everything centers on our precious students. The school premises provide an environment in which students feel secure, safe and comfortable.

Imagine a school to which students rush early in morning and when they are home, they all talk about the day at the school. They also bombard you with information they have learned at school.

Imagine a school where all the staff do their best to provide the best possible service to ou beloved students.

Imagine a school where our students learn English the fun way. Being immersed in intensive English programs, they acquire fluent and perfect English. English has become an integral part of their their daily lives both academically and socially. Having a conversation with an ELL coach is a daily routine for them. English is also the medium of instruction for some Science and Math classes.

Imagine a school where students take TOEFL Tests to measure their level of English competency. Once they graduate from our high school, they have acquired English to pass the Toefl iBT Test. They can also prepare for SAT Test to get placed in an American higher education institution.

Imagine a school where academic succcess is also a regular thing. Equipped with the tools and skills, they can deal with any academic subject easily. Regardless of the changes in the curriculum, they can master the subject matters they study.

Imagine a school where monitoring student progress helps instructors get to know students better in terms of their academic and personal growth. Participating in extra curricular activities they also complement their learning outside the class and realize their potential better. Improving themselves day by day is a daily routine at our school.

Imagine a school where all the meals are prepared on the school premises and utmost care is paid to the whole food preparation processes. We even produce our own bread with natural yeast. Developing a heathy eating habit is natural for our students.

Do not think that all these were from a land of imagination. We, as a school, have achieved all we have listed above. We have done our part to provide the best possible means to our students.

Come and join us for an ever-improving educational institution. Our school is the dream school for you.

Beylikdüzü American Culture College