Our English Department has 2 kinds of  teacher and also their differences  in the lessons:

    • Native Teachers: Native teachers focus on speaking and listening. English is spoken in all lessons and students give answers in English. Our English lessons is always ended with songs, games or drama.
    • Main Course Teachers: Our teachers follow the book and materails. In their lessons, speaking English is essantial.

Advantages of Learning English at an early age:

  1. Full Enjoyment: When they try to learn different language, they have fun. They like singing rymed songs too much. Learning a foreign language at an early age is easy. While we are learning a language, we are worried about lack of grammar, pronounciation of words as an adult however children are not worried about it. Because of this, they can learn it easily.
  2. Speaking like native: Children have ability to learn foreign language even they can speak it fluently like a native.
  3. Having fun while travelling and living in it: When you travel to different countires, knowing local language and communicate with locals make your travel easier and you can have new friends by speaking this language.
  4. Improving communication ability:Learning a new language provides children with strong communication ability.
  5. Attracting the attention while applying for university: One hand perfect communication and speaking fluently help student to pass an exam, on the other hand these qualifications can be taken into consideration by high qualified universities.
  6. Improving professional apperance: Speaking fluently can help students to find a better job or to get a promotion in their jobs.

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